We guide your business towards clear and consistent communication. We analyse the words, talk and language you use. We study your design and visual identity.

As a collaborative venture, CARMeggs combines brand expertise with conversation analysis. Teamed together, we shape your cohesive brand and clear tone of voice across all channels from telephone to digital.

What we do


We run workshops that help organizations understand how to market their services. Training focuses on how to improve communication with your users. We cover spoken and written language through to visual identity and design.

Professor Elizabeth Stokoe is a scientist of talk. Having researched thousands of conversations in organizations she can spot what works and what is less effective.


Using language that works is increasingly important and is fundamental to the success of an organization. CARMeggs was set up to help companies create consistency around their visual, verbal and written language.

Our services extend from communication reviews (one-to-one consultancy on your current design and language output) to a full rebrand for your organisation.

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