Using language that works is increasingly important and is fundamental to the success of an organization. CARMeggs was set up to help companies create consistency around their visual, verbal and written language.

Our services extend from communication reviews (one-to-one consultancy on your current design and language output) to a full rebrand for your organisation.


Building a strong brand is crucial to ensuring your customers understand you. A brand should reflect your company values, your target audience and your vision for the future.

CARMeggs have developed a research-based branding process that will guide company decision makers to a place where they can shape their brand and enjoy clearer communication with their customers.


Every. Word. Matters. Whether it’s an initial telephone inquiry, an internal notice or a company tag line, the words you select carry weight.

Elizabeth draws upon her extensive research into communication. She analyses real time interaction between organizations and their users, clients and customers, and identifies what works. Through workshops and consultancy, CARMeggs brings these insights straight to the companies that can use them.


Whether it’s through a new brand, updated printed material, a website or animation, CARMeggs can work with you to work out the most cost effective way to communicate to your target audience.

The team at a dozen eggs have a wealth of experience which can be seen on their portfolio.